May 25, 1912: Fire!

–recollection of Charles Wright, published in “Silas:  The Antarctic Diaries and Memoir of Charles S. Wright”– “I wanted some heat for a hut I had put together of large boxes whose outside walls and roof were of very heavy tarred paper. . .The primus was designed to be lit with a match without the use … More May 25, 1912: Fire!

The Winter Jouney: Dr. Wilson, Lt. Bowers, Mr. Cherry-Garrard

Twenty-eight men were landed in 1911 at the foot of Mt. Erebus to spend the winter in the Anarctic, preparing for their assault on the south Pole in the spring.  During that winter, three men broke away from the main party on a quixotic quest all their own.  Dr. Edward Wilson–“Dr. Bill” or “Uncle Bill”–had … More The Winter Jouney: Dr. Wilson, Lt. Bowers, Mr. Cherry-Garrard

Mid-June 1910

Griffith Taylor notes some of the activities of his companions at Cape Evans: “The Cape Crozier party were now busily engaged with their preparations for the midwinter journey to the haunt of the Emporer penguins. For some weeks Cherry had been practising hut-building near Skua Lake. . . Uncle Bill was busy making a patent … More Mid-June 1910

13 June, 1911

“A very beautiful day.  We revelled in the calm clear moonlight; the temperature has fallen to -26 degrees.  In such weather the cold splendour of the scene is beyond description; everything is satisfying, from the deep purple of the starry sky to the gleaming bergs and the sparkle of the crystals under foot. Captain Robert … More 13 June, 1911