August 27, 1912: “A regular gem” on Inexpressible Island

–from Raymond Priestley’s account “Antarctic Adventure”

At this time we were confined to our beds, but our greatest worry was once more for the stability of our roof.  The drift was gradually wearing a way through near the chimney, and on the 27th a hole actually made its appearance.  Drift commenced to blow into the cave, and Abbott and Dickason woke from their sleep with what they thought was spray whipping their faces.  Fortunately a lull did come, and we were able to fill the scoop with snow-blocks and loose snow, and so saved the roof again.

“The lull also gave us an oportunity of replenishing our stores, which were getting low, and we fetched up enough of everything for a fortnight.  It was not a pleasant day, as days were at Cape Royds and Cape Adare, but for Evans’ Coves it was a regular gem, though the wind increased towards evening and was very biting.

“The end of the month was welcomed with unusual pleasure even for here.  It was the end of our fast from biscuits, and this had cut us harder than any other reduction we had made.  next month was to see us without chocolate or sugar, but we never expected this to be as big a trial, and indeed it never was.”

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