Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party, July 1915: “A pipe makes all the world akin.”

–from Ernest Joyce’s account “The South Polar Trail”–

“Many discussions have taken place re the sledging season. I have come to one conclusion, there can be no feasible solution until the Bluff Depot is laid. At least 3,000 pounds weight of stores must be sledged there before a definite plan can be arranged. We will know something about depot laying when this is accomplished.

“[Ernest] Wild and I are doing our utmost, making fur boots, much overtime, the majority of our community joined th bootmakers’ union, each member making a pair of canvas boots to protect the fur boot: the wages—one pipe of Wild’s famous Hut Point mixture.

“What an oasis in the wilderness if only a case of tobacco had been landed. A pipe makes all the world akin. Various substitutes for tobacco were tried with varying degrees of satisfaction to the consumer. We failed however to top the high-water mark. Tea was attempted, and so was coffee. I tried some dried mixed vegetables, but was speedily requested to cease.”

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