Amundsen’s Spring Journey

September 14, 1911:

“The 14th was cool–the temperature remained at -68.8 degrees F.  Fortunately it was clear, so that we could see where we were going.  We had not gone far before a bright projection appeared on the level surface.  Out with the glasses–the depot!  There it lay, right in our course. . . .

Wistig undertook the far from pleasant task of getting us a cup of warm milk at -68.8 degrees.  He put the Primus behind one of the cases of provisions, and set it going; strangely enough, the parafffin was still liquid in the vessel, but this was no doubt because it had been well protected in the case.  A cup of Horlick’s Malted Milk tasted better that day than the last time I had tried it–in a restaurant in Chicago.”

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